Since 2014, Loaded have been supporting Australia's second-largest not-for-profit health fund with email communications to more than one million members.

The project.

Think emails to participants in local HBF fitness classes, to those with funds in their Gap Saver, to Pharmacy 777 subscribers and to over 38,000 runners in the HBF Run for a Reason.

We started by designing and developing custom HTML emails that allows for highly personalised and targeted messages to segments of the database. We have worked within a number of HTML Email Sending Platforms (ESP’s) throughout our tenure as HBF’s communications partner, including SMS delivery and internal CRM platforms.

Our custom HBF emails are responsive to mobile devices, so the campaigns sent look great everywhere. And whilst looking great is important, so is analysing effectiveness. We develop within a full analytics suite that provides a view into performance, including geography, acquisition and engagement per campaign.